Joining the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta involves an exciting and colourful ceremony and as part of this, like all masonic orders, you will need the correct regalia. The Provincial Warden of Regalia can advise you on exactly what you need at each stage, and he can help you get it. The list of regalia includes:

Knights Templar

Belt with frog
Sword and Scabbard
Gloves or Gauntlets
Breast Star Jewel
Cross of the Temple Jewel

Knights of Malta

Malta Mantle
Malta Tunic
Malta Cap
Belt with frog (as worn in KT)
Sword and Scabbard (as worn in KT)
Gloves or Gauntlets (as worn in KT) or
Malta Gloves or Gauntlets
Malta Jewel

E. Kt. Chris Griggs

E. Kt. Chris Griggs, the Provincial Warden of Regalia, will be available at both the Provincial meetings - Knights of Malta (January) and Knights Templar (September) and can also be contacted by email at any time -

For any orders placed, as Chris is frequently at Mark Masons Hall, he may be able to arrange free delivery. Chris will also advise if postage is required, and this will be added to your order. Chris encourages Knights to return pre-owned regalia that is no longer needed, and this can be purchased at a reduced cost, with donations going to the St John Eye Hospital.

In addition to the standard items, there are a few specific accessories that can be purchased:

London Provincial Tie£15.00
London Provincial Cufflinks£15.00
London Provincial Badge£10.00
For past and present members of the Bodyguard:
Provincial Bodyguard Tie£15.00
Provincial Bodyguard Mantle Badge£30.00