KT Charity Quiz 2020

The KT Charity Quiz 2020

In aid of The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group


On the Feast of St Innocent I, 28 June 2020, some 28 Knights of the Province of London, from nine of its Preceptories, congregated under the leadership of the Provincial Prior in a cerebral jousting tournament; some participants may have felt that the name of the Saint of that day was appropriate!

Uniquely for a jousting match, each Preceptory displayed the same favour, that of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group and their patron was presented with £238.75 in consequence of the challenge.

Under the tutelage of the Quiz Master, Jamie Ingham Clark, the jousts took place over three stages consisting of challenges on the Eye Hospital, general knowledge and all things Knights Templar.

The achievements, for such they were, in this fraternal competition are shown below and appropriate certificates will be despatched to the Registrar of each Preceptory:

Place PreceptoryPlayersScore
Joint 1st73Coromandel Team-2Wayne Krause
Alan Brumwell
127Bard of AvonNeil Hutchings
Niall Johnston
183Sancta MariaIan Drury
Derek Duffill
Damian Kennaby
4th131Holy SanctuaryJohn Bond
Gavin O'Sullivan
Michael Seymour-Jones
John Campbell
5th209Public SchoolsMatt Burrows
Scott Adnitt
Topper Warrington
6th632LondiniumJoseph Le Roi-Smith21.5
7thDMount CalvaryHenry Lamb
Huw Shooter
Geoff Spurrier
8th117New TempleNick Robinson
David Lucas
Graham Timms
9th73Coromandel Team-1Jon Wallis
David Peck
10th300The Military LodgesDavid Thomas
Fred Ponting
Philip Chamberlain