The principal charity we support is the St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem

The Eye Hospital Group is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, treating patients regardless of
ethnicity, religion or their ability to pay.

The flagship Hospital in Jerusalem and facilities in Anabta, Hebron and Gaza plus the Mobile Outreach Programme, which travels across the West Bank bringing eye care to isolated communities, ensures the greatest possible reach and impact in the region.

The main hospital in East Jerusalem has been operating for 137 years. The hospital is the main provider of eye care for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, and sees many of the most complex eye cases from across the oPt, which are referred from medical centres across the West Bank and Gaza. As it is the only charitable provider of eye care, the importance of the hospital for the region cannot be overstated. St John Eye Hospital has a large outpatients department, specialist eye units, operating theatres and 24-hour eye emergency services.

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from the St. John Eye Hospital Group
to Knights Templar

March 2021

A further gift

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Province, the then Provincial Prior R. E. Kt. Michael Fox,  made a special donation to the St. John Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group (SJEHG) for £14,000 from the Preceptories of the Province. It was gratefully received by E. Kt. Jamie Ingham Clark, a Trustee of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

The swift

A bronze swift was presented to the London Province by E. Kt. Jamie Ingham Clark in recognition of our contribution. The main sculpture the "Tree of Hope" by Mark Coreth, sits in the St. John Eye Hospital's Muristan Clinic Garden, in the centre of the old city of Jerusalem, and shows an olive tree full of history, life and hope, with one hundred and fifty migrating swifts instead of leaves.

A visit from the Bodyguard

In January 2020, the London KT Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, saw the London Bodyguard visit the St. John Eye Hospital to meet the dedicated staff, surgeons, nurses and doctors who deliver amazing services to all who need it. It included a visit to the Muristan Clinic, the Tree of Hope and a wonderful presentation in the main hospital in Jerusalem.
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Saving sight, changing lives

Jerusalem Hospital
In 2015, we treated 46,500 people in our hospital in Jerusalem including performing 3,800 major operations. Jerusalem is the base for our specialist training and our diabetic retinopathy screening programme.

Hebron Hospital
In 2015, we treated 11,400 people including performing 340 major operations.

Anabta Clinic
In 2015, we treated 22,000 outpatients at our Anabta Clinic.

Gaza Hospital
In 2015, we treated 31,000 patients including over 900 major operations.

Mobile Outreach Programme
In 2015, 16,700 patients were reached across the West Bank.

Staff Training Programmes
In 2015, we employed 236 people in total, of whom 143 were medical staff, including 33 doctors and 84 nurses. Five nurses graduated from our Sir Stephen Miller School of Nursing, five doctors undertook our Medical Residency Programme and one doctor began a Fellowship under our Joint Teaching Programme.

Shopping list

Could buy 3 bed sheets for baby cots.

Could buy a diagnostic Corneal Topography procedure.

Could fund Outreach education sessions in the rural West Bank.

Could fund laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy.

Could buy 4 phaco packs which are used in cataract operations.

Could cover the cost of 50 children's gowns.

Could cover the costs of two children's cataract surgery.

Could pay for a laser lens to be used in major operations.

Could sponsor a nurse for a year.