The London Provincial Prior's Bodyguard

A word from E. Kt. Wayne Krause
Commander of the London Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard:

“The Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard provides an escort for the Provincial Prior and other Provincial officers visiting preceptories. It parades at full strength for the September and January provincial meetings at which it performs a number of key roles. Joining the Bodyguard is an excellent way to learn the ritual and to get to know other knights across the province. The camaraderie within the Bodyguard is second to none; and once our knights have received provincial rank, and are thus no longer eligible to serve, we have our own preceptory for Bodyguard members, past and present.

Once a Bodyguard, always a Bodyguard!”.

What is our role?

The Bodyguard primarily supports the Provincial Prior and senior officers of the Province at Provincial meetings and during their official visits to the London Preceptories. During these visits, the Bodyguard provides an Arch of Steel for the Provincial visitors and also provides a flexible, experienced resource to assist the Preceptory with the ritual of the meeting, e.g. in forming a Sepulchre Guard or acting as Heralds.

Who can join?

Membership is open to all Knights in the Province who have not yet been appointed to Provincial office or rank, and preferably those who have two or more years before installation as Eminent Preceptors within their Preceptory. Membership automatically ceases when Knights receive Provincial office or rank. Naturally, as a result of promotions or changes to personal circumstances, vacancies occur and there is a continuing requirement to seek suitable members to fill them.

What is my commitment?

Prospective members should, importantly, have the time, commitment and deportment to support the Provincial Prior at the two Provincial meetings in September and January, the Provincial Family Carol Service and to volunteer their services by representing the Province during Preceptory visits six or seven times each year.

How can I get accepted?

Each new member of the Bodyguard serves an initial probationary period which gives the Knight the opportunity to assess whether or not the role is for him, but likewise for the Commander, Deputy Commander and Registrar to assess whether they are suitable and sufficiently committed to be confirmed as full members. New members, once confirmed in the role, receive Certificates presented by the Provincial Prior during the September Provincial meeting. It is at this meeting that the Commander and the Deputy Commander of the Bodyguard are appointed or confirmed by the Provincial Prior. The Registrar of the Bodyguard is appointed by the Commander from among the Bodyguard members. Confirmed members also wear on their Mantles the distinguishing cross of membership of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard and are permitted to wear the Bodyguard tie, both deemed by many to be honours in themselves. Individual members can enjoy the close bond of friendship that Bodyguard generates, and they witness and take part in the Temple and Malta ceremonies on a more frequent basis than they would if only attending their own Preceptory or Priory. This assists them to pass through the offices of their own Preceptories which in turn benefit by having more experienced, capable and dedicated officers.

How can I find out more?

If you think that you might fit the criteria we have mentioned or you wish further information, please contact the Bodyguard Registrar or speak with the Commander or Deputy Commander whenever the opportunity arises. Further contact details can be obtained through your Preceptory Registrar or the Provincial Vice Chancellor.

In addition, we have Bodyguard information booklet that is available and this provides more details on the commitment, background information on representing the Province, dining, sword drill as well as protocol for us at Provincial visits. This helps you to be well prepared and you will be kept up to date with meetings, timings and our roles at each meeting as the year progresses.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kt. Damian Kennaby
Registrar to the London Provincial Prior's Bodyguard