2022 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

The 2022 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

November 2022

Following the success of the 2020 KT Pilgrimage (click here for details), I am delighted to offer another opportunity for Knights and their partners to visit the Holy Land.

Whether you are new to the Holy Land or have been many times before; there are always new sights and sounds to reflect upon. Our pilgrimage will include the sites where the most important events in Our Lord’s life and ministry took place, both in Jerusalem and its surrounding area and further north in Galilee, as well as sites associated with the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller.

The original Knights set out to protect and assist pilgrims who were visiting the very same sites associated with Jesus that are on our itinerary. In addition, we shall visit some places specifically connected with the Templars, including castles and churches. I am equally sure that treading in the footsteps of those first Knights will help you to better appreciate the extraordinary lives which they led. Additionally, we shall pay a visit to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital to learn more of its work together with a visit to the Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre, some of whose staff are trained by the Eye Hospital.

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The Itinerary

18th to 27th November 2022

Led by Rev'd Niall Johnston, see the daily planner for 10 days in Jerusalem and Nazareth. Click here for the brochure.

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